General Questions

A: Yes! While we generally prefer applicants who have at least 1-year VA experience, we have matched VAs with promising medical clients who didn’t come with any professional VA experience.

A: As of the moment, our focus is serving the medical industry, but our medical clients do belong in a wide range of practice areas.

A: Our clients have a wide array of specializations, including but not limited to primary care, general and internal medicines, family practice, dental, and veterinary.

A: Because our clients are medical practices based in the US, we mostly follow the Pacific Standard time zone. However, there’s also a chance that you might work in other US time zones if client demands see it fit.

A: Our job requirements can differ depending on the type of VA position, but our general requirements include excellent written and verbal English skills, strong knowledge of US medical field and insurance, and the ability to embody our culture.

A: Upon receiving an email confirmation from our team that you qualify for our VA pool, you will begin a 5-day bootcamp training to acquaint yourself with your tasks, who your potential clients are, and to strengthen your pre-existing skills and knowledge.

A: At My Mountain Mover, we exert a lot of effort into making sure that our VAs grow as much as possible, and we believe that this growth can be achieved by having you work with only one client on a long-term basis.

A: Currently, we require our VAs to secure their own work-related equipment. However, we do provide great incentive opportunities to help you save up for a new laptop/PC!

A: My Mountain Mover prides itself on being a fully-remote company; that means you will not be reporting to a physical office as we work exclusively from the comfort of our own homes.

A: Always put your best foot forward, whether it’s during the interview with our recruitment team or a potential client. Know what your strengths are, learn how to be a stellar communicator, and invest time into acquiring more competitive advantages.

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