Movers Summit VA Stories

For The Books: VAs Share Their Movers Summit Highlights


Movers Summit VA Stories

At My Mountain Mover, we pride ourselves in having virtual assistants who pour their heart and soul into their work but also know how to create a fulfilling personal life.

We recently concluded our Movers Summit 2023, our annual event that gathers our executives, support team members, and VAs into one venue to celebrate the extraordinary dedication, hard work, and successes that elevate our company to new heights. However, we’re still buzzing with excitement about everything that unfolded!

Every member of our My Mountain Mover family – from executives to our support team and VAs – had unique experiences going into, during, and after the summit, all of which are worth sharing. However, these are the ones that encapsulate how fun, glamorous, and memorable the event was;


Sweet A.


Sweet’s experience at the Movers Summit was truly remarkable. Not only did she win $100 in cash and get her chosen charity organization as the beneficiary of our Greater Heights Foundation, but she also had the incredible opportunity to perform on stage as a singer in our MMM band. However, that’s not where the story ends.

Sweet came prepared for the summit, dressed head-to-toe in vibrant MMM gear – she even made a personalized tag with MMM’s logo and her name for her luggage, which happened to match our signature turquoise color. Coming from Manila, Sweet initially planned to fly back home after the summit. However, she decided to make the most of her time in the Queen City of the South and extended her stay for three more days. During this time, she explored popular sights like Magellan’s Cross and the Temple of Leah.

Being able to enjoy the freedom to work anywhere, Sweet decided to continue her adventure and set sail for Mindanao on a business class accommodation. There, she indulged in delicious food, enjoyed a live comedy show, and even had the chance to jam with the ship’s band. To top it off, Sweet disembarked as a karaoke champion. Talk about being a digital nomad!


Nich S.


Nich, a passionate traveler, had meticulously planned out his trip to Cebu to make his Movers Summit experience as memorable as possible – he even booked a room at Bai Hotel so he could stay right at the summit’s venue. To quote Nich, his Movers Summit experience was “fantastic” and “magical.” However, his absolute highlight was when he managed to snap a group selfie with MMM’s founder, CEO, and COO.

Once the summit wrapped up, his travel plans commenced, and he explored Cebu City’s sights. He started his Sunday adventure with a visit to Fort San Pedro, immersing himself in its rich history. Afterward, he proceeded to the famous Magellan’s Cross at the Basilica Minore del Sto. Niño, and Taoist Temple. When it comes to food, Nich enjoyed Cebu’s culinary offerings at Lantaw Il Corso and La Vie Parisienne.

After meeting his fellow VAs and getting to see the picturesque sights of Cebu,  Nich will surely remember his Movers Summit experience in vivid detail.


Cindy P.


For Cindy, her Movers Summit highlights include meeting MMM’s executives and getting the opportunity to meet and have fun with her VA team. They bonded, played games, and even danced together, creating lifelong memories that went beyond their day-to-day work lives. However, the most memorable moment for her was receiving recognition and a plaque.

To her surprise and delight, Cindy was presented with the Pinnacle Performer Award. This prestigious distinction recognizes the exemplary performance of VAs. It was indeed a proud moment for Cindy, being recognized for her dedication and hard work.

While the summit itself only lasted for a day, Cindy and her fellow VAs stayed in Cebu for six days. They made the most of their time exploring the must-visit spots within and beyond the city. Cindy and her colleagues went all the way to Oslob to witness the majestic whale sharks up close, went on a thrilling hike to Tumalog Falls, and visited the famous Simala Shrine to offer prayers. With everything that took place, Cindy will always have something special to look back to.


Lyra R.


Lyra’s Movers Summit experience left an indelible mark on her career and created a delightful memory she would forever cherish. Going into the summit, she didn’t have any big expectations besides meeting her fellow VAs and having a wonderful time over good food and music. However, the summit was full of surprises because she won an all-expense-paid trip to Singapore!

When she was called to come up the stage to receive the award, Lyra was taken aback – she wouldn’t even have noticed her name was called if her fellow VA didn’t give her a nudge. Nonetheless, it was an astonishing moment that left her stunned and elated.

With her coveted prize, Lyra’s current plan is to take the trip to the Lion City early or mid-next year. She intends to maximize her time and savor every minute of the experience, but most importantly, enjoy, relax, and have fun. Through the Movers Summit, Lyra will be making more fond memories!


Paula U.


Expecting a night full of fun and smiles, Paula was thrilled to meet her virtual colleagues from different parts of the Philippines for the very first time. Just like everyone else, the raffle prizes caught Paula’s attention. However, she didn’t want to get her hopes up too much because she usually isn’t lucky with giveaways.

When the moment arrived to announce the lucky winners, Paula couldn’t ignore the rush of anxiety and anticipation. She had an unexplainable feeling that something big was coming her way, and indeed there was. To her surprise and joy, Paula’s name was announced as the winner of an M1 MacBook Air.

Feeling blessed beyond belief, she screamed and jumped because she was one out of 300 who struck gold and brought home a new device that she can use to further advance her career. As of writing, Paula is slowly learning to make the most out of this unprecedented blessing.


Arjay O.


While not usually fond of formal events, Arjay found herself oddly excited about the Movers Summit and what she was going to wear. She nearly decided not to go on the day itself because she didn’t feel well enough. However, she gathered her strength to attend and was glad she did!

Like many others, Arjay secretly hoped to win one of the major prizes that night. When she missed out on the $100 prize, she kept her expectations low, but little did she know that she was about to be the lucky winner of the prize that almost everyone had their eyes on – an iPhone 14 Pro Max!

As she described it, time seemed to slow down, and everything fell silent when her name was announced as the winner. It was an unbelievable moment that etched itself in her memory.


Lyka N.


One of our lucky winners, Lyka, had an absolute blast during the Movers Summit. She immersed herself in the glamorous atmosphere with delicious food, refreshing cocktails, and exciting games. While she did initially win a $100 prize – which she was perfectly content with – she still clung to the hope of winning one of the major prizes.

As the names were called one by one, Lyka’s excitement grew. Unfortunately, she didn’t win the all-expense-paid trips nor the highly-coveted iPhone 14. Remembering the true purpose of the summit, she realized that she had come to enjoy the experience and connect with her fellow movers, but little did she know that she was about to win the grand prize, ₱100,000!

When her name was drawn, she made her way to the stage, trembling with excitement and overflowing with gratitude for receiving a blessing beyond what she believed she deserved. With a large sum in hand, she immediately shared a portion of her winnings with her mom, celebrated her birthday by supporting an orphanage in her city, and put the rest to good use.

If there’s one thing that Lyka’s Movers Summit experience taught her, it’s that life can give you blessings when you least expect it.

Truly, the Movers Summit was a whirlwind of excitement, surprises, and unforgettable moments for each and every mover who graced us with their presence. From winning prizes and receiving well-deserved recognition to exploring the vibrant island of Cebu, the experiences shared by our valued VAs were nothing short of extraordinary.


We look forward to next year’s summit!