Governor Celestino Gallares Memorial Hospital

It’s no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic was a global setback that shifted the lives of many, especially frontline workers. While most of us stayed indoors to protect ourselves from contracting the virus, healthcare professionals had to face the pandemic fully to help everyone and the world recover.

Doctors, nurses, and other medical workers took the weight of the world on their shoulders, and they valiantly carried it despite subjecting themselves to many health risks. The same applies to the front liners in Governor Celestino Gallares Memorial Hospital or GCGMH, a medical institution located in the province of Tagbilaran, Bohol, Philippines.

The Challenge and Role of GCGMH

With a population of nearly 105,000 people spread across a total land area of 12.6 sq mi, GCGMH was the lone healthcare center in the area the Philippine government considers a public COVID facility. Because of this, the hospital was on a “high alert” during the sudden spike of COVID-19 cases in the province last April 2021.

In contrast to its fixed space, there was no definitive way to tell how many COVID patients GCGMH’s hospital staff needed to accommodate in a given period. Still, they worked countless hours and used significant quantities of PPE to keep up with the increasing pandemic demand. GCGMH’s COVID-deployed personnel were beacons of hope who contributed immensely to Tagbilaran’s rehabilitation.

How Greater Heights Foundation supported them

In partnership with JCI Boholana Kisses, My Mountain Mover’s Greater Heights Foundation organized a charity event to give back to the frontline workers of GCGMH and all their efforts – KUMBIRA: Born to Bless. This event provided 135 packed lunches for the heroes behind the hospital and three suction machines to assist GCGMH’s pneumonia patients.

No amount of packed lunches or any donation can ever make up for the immeasurable number of hours our frontline workers toiled to nurse COVID patients back to health, but no matter how small of a token it may be, we wanted to “share a little of what we have to our front liners who give so much.”

To the healthcare heroes of GCGMH and around the world, we cannot thank you enough for your incredible dedication, hard work, and selflessness. Every single one of you has been at the forefront of the battle against COVID-19, compromising your safety for those in need. Your tireless efforts and unwavering commitment are key elements to how countless lives have been saved; for that, your legacy will continue to live on.