MMM VA answered Prayer

Movers Summit: God’s Answered Prayer for One MMM VA

In this world, some moments leave an indelible mark on our lives, embodying the essence of fate and faith.

My Mountain Mover has triumphantly marked its second Movers Summit in Cebu, an annual event that brings our executive team, support staff, and virtual assistants all in one room to celebrate the significant achievements and remarkable efforts that have pushed the company forward.

As a company founded by faith, what we do is grounded on a strong, unwavering commitment to Christ-centered values. We believe that with faith, even as tiny as a mustard seed, we can overcome the biggest obstacles and move mountains.

One shining example of God’s faithfulness unfolded during this year’s Movers Summit through the story of Sweet, a My Mountain Mover VA whose prayer was answered through this event.

Before becoming a part of the My Mountain Mover family, she juggled many things to make ends meet – from being an overseas Filipino worker in the Middle East for six years and taking massage therapy and music courses to baking cakes and teaching guitar lessons as a part-time teacher. Her talent in music is undeniable, as she was part of the performers who serenaded everyone with her God-given talent during the Movers Summit!

The Challenge that Sweet Was Facing At The Time

As a My Mountain Mover VA, Sweet provides exceptional service to her client by effectively scheduling appointments, supporting mental health consultations, doing graphic design, and curating social media content. However, she was also in a situation that made keeping up with some of her monthly bills challenging.

Despite this challenging circumstance, she was still able to fly all the way from Manila to Cebu for the Movers Summit – a decision that would soon prove to be a good one.

What Turned The Tables Around

On her flight to Cebu, Sweet was all dressed up in MMM gear consisting of a suitcase and backpack with her name and My Mountain Mover’s insignia – a creative initiative that we’re delighted to see.

During the Movers Summit, Sweet won $100 in cash. While everyone who won prizes that night had their own plans for making the most out of their prizes, a greater purpose was yet to reveal itself to Sweet.

The day after the Movers Summit, she got a message from her mom, revealing that they were already scheduled for disconnection should their electricity bill remain unsettled. The overdue payment amounted to around ₱5,600, which is equivalent to the $100 she won the previous night!

Truly, God provides, and all we must do is place our trust in Him. Sweet’s story is just one of the many testimonies to His dependable presence. We are thrilled to have Sweet as a part of our Mover family, and we are eager to continue enriching more lives!