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Moving mountains for businesses all around the world while enriching the lives of thousands.

Amanda Ketcham, CEO

My Mountain Mover was started because we saw a need and decided to fill it. We wanted to contribute to the success of businesses all around the globe while enriching the lives of thousands.


By outsourcing jobs to our virtual assistants in the Philippines, we are providing a benefit to not only our Filipino associates but to thousands of businesses as well. With the money saved through outsourcing, businesses are able to maximize their workflow, reinvest in their companies, and strategize for the future.


Our mission is to continue to provide expert level virtual talent for businesses large and small across the world. Let us know how we can help your business grow.

Highly Vetted Professionals

Here at My Mountain Mover, our #1 priority is providing our clients with the best VAs in the industry. When you get hired as a My Mountain Mover VA, it means that your talent, qualifications, and experience exceed 98% of VAs across the industry. We are always looking for more incredible candidates to joining the MMM family!

We are a company that helps build possibilities and hopes. We have a culture that thrives on growth and excellence. We raise our bar when it comes to integrity. In the midst of adversity, we remained focused on our goal - to transform businesses, and change lives. We match people together to bring about greater purposes in life. We are about Creating Opportunities, Honoring Skill Sets, Expanding our Purpose to the Communities,  in a company founded by FAITH. We are MOVERS and are true to our name, in words and in action."

Chrissa Ranis
Managing Director

Movers Summit 2022

In July of 2022, My Mountain Mover hosted our first every Mover’s Summit Gala to celebrate all that we have accomplished as a company. Our executives flew to the Philippines to meet our incredible Filipino team and host a magical evening filled with awards, dinner, dancing, and over $15,000 of prizes given away. Over 250 virtual assistants attended, making it no doubt, My Mountain Mover’s most impactful event so far.

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